A Cat Named Yoda

This Bastard reporter stumbled across this amazing story just today.

Close to Halloween in 2006, Ted and Valerie Rock were at a local bar in Chicago’s South Side looking forward to a Bears game, when they met they met the cutest little kitten they had ever seen.

He was the last of a litter of eight kittens that the bar’s owner was adopting out to local patrons.

They were told by the gentleman that the kitten hadn’t been chosen because of his abnormal appearance.  He has four ears.  Yes, you read that correctly ~ four ears.

As it was near the October holiday, the bar patrons mistook the kitten’s appearance for something wicked or sinister.

Obviously, they were idiots.

The Rocks, who had several months prior lost their cat of 20 years, took the kitty home and gave him the name, ‘Barfly’.

However, their son decided this name didn’t suit the little fellow and rechristened him ‘Yoda’, after the famous Star Wars Jedi Master, the very next day.

The family agreed that Yoda the kitten did resemble Yoda, the Star Wars character.

The Rock family has taken Yoda to see several different veterinarians to make certain that he will have no hearing impairments.

The genetic anomaly can cause hearing disorder.  Though all of the veterinarians have given Yoda a clean bill of heath.

Mr. Rock says that Yoda is healthy, happy, and is an indoor only kitty.  Although, he was micro chipped for safety’s sake.

He also said that his son and grandchildren adore their kitty and that Yoda gets just as much enjoyment from all the attention.

“He comes running to play with them,” said Mr. Rock.

All in all, this Bastard reporter is pleased that there are some people on this planet who can see beyond differences, physical or otherwise, and share their love.

Click the link to find the purrfect kitty for you:  http://www.petfinder.com


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