What Illegal Immigration has done for America

This Bastard reporter has now seen it all.  With all the bickering in this country about illegal immigration, I finally went to the source:  The illegal immigrants.  More specifically, their children.

What I found is remarkable.  These children have brought with them a wonderful array of skills and knowledge from their native lands.

Of course, the problem they had in their native lands is that they couldn’t afford to put their valuable creativity to work.

Here in America, where dreams are possible, these illegal immigrant children have outdone themselves.

May I present to you:

The Creations of Illegal Immigrant Trinidad Teens Living in New York City.

These talented young men have decided that it wasn’t fair for their older siblings to drive around in their automobiles listening to over priced, over the top sound systems that could blow the windows out of the 9th story of any building.

Therefore, they decided to use their creative, native talents brought with them to America illegally, and design a new age sound system to rival any other.

These are the products of their machinations:

The world’s loudest pimped out bicycles.

Won’t they look utterly fantastic slowly riding around, trying their very best not to topple the weighed down cycle frame, whilst listening to music blaring so loudly that they’ve all had to turn their hip new hearing aides down?

Absolutely!  What the hell could be any cooler?!

All in all, leaving this Bastard reporter wondering:  Just what has happened to this once great country of ours?


5 Responses to “What Illegal Immigration has done for America”

  1. The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed.

  2. Most people are influenced by the government’s treatment of various problems and situations. The term “illegal” associated with alien or immigrant is a government point of view and thus is not necessarily the best way to understand a situation.

    Take a look at the treatment of the global immigration problem end-to-end and an actionable and enduring solution. Go to: http://www.trigon-international.com

  3. Long story short, if “Illegal” Immigrants are such a “asset” to America, let them become “Legal” and do what ALL Legal Residents do, BECOME LEGAL AND PAY TAXES AND THEIR WAY IN!!!!!

    • Teresa is right they should helped on being legal to join the country and not sent in jail and prisons. There’s been thinking to detain more people in former hotels and in nursing homes. I think they are been bocked to become legal not saying the president isn’t doing something about it but their aspect of solution is sending them to the land they belong to.

  4. Theresa Says:

    Hey everyone this is all in fun!When i first clicked on this i was exspecting to see spraypaint art work! Ha ha ha! Don’t get so uptight .Just exspect slaps in the face .Remember where you’re at………Such a Bastard!

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