The Worst President in History (In Pictures!)

And that’s when George W. Dumbass threw his arms out and stood spread eagle in the sand and said, “I’m right here, Cheney!  Let’s see if you can down play your reputation as a bad shooter!  C’mon, let’s see ya shoot my cap off my head without hittin’ my face!”
Unfortunately, he mistook the long lens video camera Cheney was holding as a new fangled military weapon of some sort.
And this is the man ‘some people’ voted for…TWICE!


“Now, again.  Which is my right and which is my left?”


During an extremely loud cymbal crash, this man noticed that George had lost all bladder control.


“C’mon baby, it’s not sexual harassment.  I’m the president!”


From the look on his face, we knew that George had shit himself.


“George Worshin…no.  George Worsh…no.  Wait.  What?  George is worshing who?”


Notice how she hesitates. As if she’d rather kiss the ball than this idiot.


And Condi’s note read, “You heard it!  The Longhorns made the touchdown!  You owe me!”


“This is not bestiality!  I’m Texan!  We’re friendly!”


Get away from me you honky cracker, lest I cut ya!


And you wonder how she could marry such a moron and continue to stand by him through all of his stupidity?  Answer:  Look at her!  She’s obviously psychotic!


That about sums it up.


Need I go further?


2 Responses to “The Worst President in History (In Pictures!)”

  1. irritatedtulsan Says:

    You are such a b******. Keep up the b******ly work.

  2. Freaking hilarious!

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