New 2008 Olympics Stadium in Beijing

This Bastard reporter is going to keep this one short, simple, and sweet.

The new Olympics Stadium in Beijing:

Am I the only one, or does this look like a giant toilet seat to anyone else?  I mean, really! What the hell were these people thinking?! I guess if Paul Bunion needs a place to take a dump, it’d be the perfect spot as no one would notice the smell over Beijing’s already toxic atmosphere!

And don’t forget to wash your hands with this giant bar of soap:

What is wrong with them?!

It’s a wonder why we’ve received so many dangerous products from China!  These people can build a harmless giant toilet seat and a huge bar of Dial, but they can’t make decent pet foods and children’s toys?  What the fuck?!

I, for one, will not be watching the Olympics.

However, this Bastard reporter does wish the American Athletes (the ones not on illegal drugs) the best of luck.


One Response to “New 2008 Olympics Stadium in Beijing”

  1. the inaugaration was mindblowing. i love beiging.

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