Diane Sue Whalen & Donald Roy Siegfried’s Sex Dogs to be Rehabilitated

This Bastard reporter has learned that Lucky and Buddy, a mixed breed and a Labrador who were Diane Sue Whalen and Donald Roy Siegfried’s sex trained hounds, will both be taken to a no-kill sanctuary next month for rehabilitation.

These poor innocent pooches are now finally receiving the proper kind of ‘puppy love’.

Earlier this month a judge ordered that both Lucky and Buddy be examined thoroughly by a veterinarian to learn if the dogs would be suitable for rehabilitation and eventual adoption into a loving caring family that will not want to use them as bestial sex toys.

The vet pronounced both dogs physically and mentally suitable for adoption.  Then cut their nuts off.

Diane Sue Whalen’s adult son found more than 150 video tapes of her performing sex acts with both Lucky and Buddy, as well as a blue heeler named Merlin owned by Donald Roy Siegfried.

After viewing all 150 tapes because he ‘just couldn’t stop looking’, and vomiting repeatedly, he turned them over to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Don and Di were both charged with felony crimes against nature, while only Don was charged with filming the dastardly deeds.

All dogs involved were immediately taken into custody.

When I asked Mr. Siegfried’s attorney how anyone could video tape such sick sexual acts, and more than 150 times, he explained that Don had told him, ‘I just couldn’t stop looking!’

He also told me that while Diane’s son began vomiting while viewing the films, Don Siegfried began masturbating while taping them.

“I know I’m the man’s attorney,” he began, “but he is one sick freak!  And Diane is one dirty kooter!”

A non profit organization, the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, has said that both Lucky and Buddy are doing quite well and no longer try to hump their human caretakers since being neutered.

The Tulsa County Sherriff’s Office teams with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals with cases involving animal cruelty.

So if you ever intend to rape an animal, be prepared to face the criminal consequences and the forced humiliation of writers such as myself.

This Bastard reporter is pleased that these two dogs, Lucky and Buddy, now have a second chance at life.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, as well as many other animal care agencies and shelters, need your help.  Send or take them donations or money today.

Well, what are you waiting for?  You can afford it.

Help them, goddamn it!


3 Responses to “Diane Sue Whalen & Donald Roy Siegfried’s Sex Dogs to be Rehabilitated”

  1. Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  2. farfetchedfate Says:

    Seriously…do you really think the dogs didnt like it? I mean, really now…they arent called mans best friend for nothing. And does no one consider why there is still such a loyalty from all dogs to humans after years of neglect and “rapin” if a canines sence of “uh oh! this isnt right” ever was suspected? …cause doggie sex (human or not) happens a lot. A LOT! And its really enjoyed by the animal. Just type in “dog sex”…youll see what I mean. And how does a dog know the difference between a womans vagina and a dogs vagina? (Well, besides the fact that its alittle more groomed.) Those dogs are fine…neuter ’em and just like how they will stop humpin your leg at your grandmas house, they soon will also stop backing up on your ass/genitals. Surprise! Theyre dogs! GENIUS!

  3. Isn’t it more inhumane to snip off the dog’s privates? I mean rehabilitate them all you want, but what the hell, it’s like you’re punishing the victims! There is some inherent violation of rights here.

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