Poked in the Brown Eye by South Carolina Bigots

South Carolina’s bigoted right wing conservative Republicans just cost their state billions in Gay Tourism.

“Fucking morons,” say members of Oklahoma’s Gay Society.

“They could’ve not been homophobic assholes and made a fortune in gay tax dollars!”

“What does my spending money in their shop have to do with who I sleep with?”

“Well, screw ‘em!  Just means gays will come to Oklahoma to visit.  There’s no gay friendlier place than Tulsa!”

That’s right.  You heard them.  Tulsa, Oklahoma has become a Gay Mecca.

This Bastard reporter is pleased to let you in on a little history of Oklahoma’s Gay Pride.

Just look at this photograph taken in 1953 of Tulsa’s own Golden Driller statue on the first morning of Gay Pride Day:

Since then, the very gayness of the community has grown into an everyday smorgasbord of fashion and color with flare and style and little shops all along the now famed Cherry Street.

Yes, you’ve heard it here:  Oklahoma is OK…with being Gay!

Over the years many others have jumped at the chance to be a part of the Gay Community’s life.

Oral Roberts University went so far as to ‘dress up’ the famous praying hands during this year’s Gay Pride Parade.

Here you see the poster image:

It was just a little bit of color, but it went over so well, they’re now going to have an “It’s OK to be Gay Christian Day!”

There are plans in the works for next year’s Gay Pride Tulsa Driller.

Here is the current artist’s rendition of Tulsa Driller’s upcoming Pride outfit:

So, you see, even though Oklahoma may still be a statehood living in the backwood, it is a state that is extremely tolerant and progressive compared to many others.  Especially South Carolina.

This Bastard reporter promotes tolerance and acceptance of all kinds of people from all walks of life.  So, to the South Carolina bigots, I give you the finger.


2 Responses to “Poked in the Brown Eye by South Carolina Bigots”

  1. I don’t know about all that… I mean, I always saw the driller as more of a leather queen. It would be really easy to turn his pants into chaps and add some sort of bondage contraption to his upper body. This might also make Pride seem more intimidating to the Southern Baptist Convention… always a plus!

  2. Kinda gives “Driller” a whole new meaning!

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