The World Would be a Better Place Without Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson

I don’t know about you, but, this Bastard reporter is sick to death of the ‘African American Idiot Brigade’ charging in and running their mouths every time there’s the slightest chance of getting themselves publicity.

“Who is this?,” you ask.  None other than Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson.

These two buffoons have been putting their noses where they don’t belong for decades!

Every damn time someone says the words, ’black, African American, Civil Rights, or racial’, here comes the ’Idiot Brigade’!

What the hell?  Do they think they’re some kind of super heroes?   That they need to swoop in and open their big fat mouths and spray us with their religiously sanctified saliva?

In the immortal words of the departed Redd Foxx, “Shut up, you dummies!”

These overblown gasbags do nothing but stir up trouble wherever they go.

They are constantly making an issue of race when none exists!

If someone even says the word black on television, regardless that the someone is Martha Stewart, and she’s speaking of a marble counter top, here comes the ‘Idiot Brigade’!

“Oh, no,” they’ll say, “Martha, look at the way the ‘white lines’ intrude upon the pure sanctity of the ‘blackness’ of the marble!

“It’s always the ‘white’ interfering with the ‘black’!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!”

Give me a fuckin’ break!  Who made these idiots the mouths of the Black Community?

So, if you are as fed up with these two morons as I am, then you’ll agree with me whole heartedly that they are both very old, extremely annoying, and it would be better for the entire world if they’d just finally take a dirt nap.

If you don’t agree with this Bastard reporter, then you have just read my article for no apparent reason, except perhaps to piss yourself off and have an aneurism.


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