And You Thought Di Whalen & Don Siegfried Treated Their Dogs Badly!

This Bastard reporter is saddened beyond belief and angry as all hell about an article featured in the July 4th thru 6th edition of ‘USA WEEKEND’.

The tile of this article, which is also the cover of the magazine, is, “The Facts About Cats”.

This article tells in no uncertain terms that Americans are abusive and neglectful of their feline friends.

It goes on to explain that cats are treated as disposable animals.  What the hell is disposable about a living being?  Nothing, I say!  The idea of a disposable animal, any animal, just royally pisses me off!

Further, it explains that cats are used in television and radio, movies and books, as the ‘bad guy’ character.  Wherein they use phrases as, ‘I hate cats’, or ‘It’s just a cat’, or some other sick inhumane wording.

The article also explains how cats are used in commercials or movies in hurtful ways for humor.  Such as in the newly released movie, ‘Untraceable’, where a kitten is trying desperately to reach a nearby bowl of milk while her paws are stuck to an electrified mat.  When enough people log onto this website, the kitten is shocked to death.

What the FUCK is this?!  I know it’s a movie and the actual kitten was never harmed in the making of this film, but, for fuck’s sake, you’d NEVER see a movie where a puppy was killed in this manner.  In fact, you’d NEVER see a movie where a puppy was killed at all!

With all that is terribly miserable in this world, and all the heartache and heartbreak going on every minute of every hour of every goddamn day, why wouldn’t ANYONE, ANYONE, want to just take a few moments to sit back, relax, and enjoy the love of a furry little pal, laying in your lap, giving you nothing but complete, undivided attention and unselfish love, and just know for that instant in time that there is a living being who is good, pure of heart, and totally wonderful in every way, who wants nothing more than YOUR complete and utter happiness?

So, I, Bastard reporter, say to those of you who dump your kittens and cats in shelters because they don’t match your new carpeting, or because they are dark furred and you have a new white sofa that shows it, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!  WHERE DID YOU LOSE YOUR HUMANITY?!  WOULD YOU TOSS OUT YOUR CHILD FOR ANY STUPID REASONS SUCH AS THESE?!  YOU ARE SICK, FUCKING SICK, NO GOOD, LOUSY, DAMNABLE EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS!

Now, for those of you who are reading this and happen to love all animals, as I do, and not in the way that Diane Sue Whalen & Donald Roy Siegfried do, I say, “ROCK ON!”

This has been my wicked rant for the day.  Thank you for reading it.  Now go adopt a cat or kitten from your local shelter.

I’m not joking.  Go now!



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  1. This is quite a up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

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