Mars Cracked

Come and listen to my story ‘bout a Mars crack head
Snorted all his money…nearly ended up dead
Got himself a robot…started diggin’ in the nude
Found a bit a white stuff…and forgot about food.
Coke that is…
White gold…
Martian “C”…

Now the crack head’s on the run…and he really don’t care
Found himself a million worth in that ol’ crater there
Gonna hop his self a shuttle…and flee the red prairie
And head on back to Earth and into to Beverly…
Hills, that is…
Pimps and Fools…
Nudie Stars…
“The Beverly Crackbillies”

Well, now it’s time to say g’bye…to this ol’ Marshy-en
The cops drove down an alleyway…and found him in a bin
Hope ya’ll learned yer lesson from this here casualty…
And treat your Pimps and Hoes and Dealers with hospitality.
Drop a dime.
Toke a smoke.
Pass the roach.
Ya’ll don’t pass out now, ya hear?

This has been a Crack Hoe Presentation!


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